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Do You Have These 5 Bad Dental Habits?

Most individuals have practiced a few negative dental habits, but the following list might serve as a reminder of what to avoid doing. Danforth Dental Solutions lists five unhealthy behaviors and advises on avoiding them.

Five Bad Habits and How to Avoid Them.

Here are five bad dental habits we encounter frequently. You may keep your oral health to the fullest and stay away from uncomfortable dental visits by avoiding these destructive behaviors!

  • Forgetting to floss: Flossing and brushing should always be done together. However, a lot of people frequently need to remember to floss. As vital as cleaning your teeth is, flossing is much more crucial! Your teeth between-tooth germs may be removed using floss. The leading cause of tooth decay is this bacterium. Gum disease can also develop if this bacteria remains in your mouth’s crevices. Follow up on your regular tooth brushing with some quality flossing. To remember to use your floss, try keeping it beside your toothbrush. You’ll soon realize your mouth doesn’t feel as clean without it!
  • Brushing too hard: Many patients are astonished when told that cleaning their teeth too vigorously is hazardous for oral health. A vigorous scrub is said to help eliminate germs and plaque. Extreme pressure shouldn’t be used when brushing, even though appropriate brushing methods can assist in eliminating these hazardous chemicals. Applying too much pressure might damage the gums and the tooth’s enamel. Correct technique combined with minimal pressure can be equally as beneficial. Please continue reading to learn more about selecting the right toothbrush.
  • Using toothbrushes with stiff bristles: Every brushing technique is crucial. But picking the right toothbrush might be the most crucial. The proper bristle must be chosen because they come in various sizes, styles, and stiffnesses. Softer bristles are easier on the gums and will aid in preventing erosion of the tooth’s enamel.
  • Using your teeth to open things: You can probably picture the kinds of visits our dental clinics see that begin, “Well, I was trying to bite this…” Due to patients utilizing their teeth as a “tool,” we have witnessed a wide range of chipped teeth and enamel damage. The truth is that using your teeth as nail clippers or removing tags from brand-new clothing is a terrible habit. Additionally, using your teeth to open a bottle is the worst idea (these tales abound). It’s time to break these behaviors and consider the effects of tooth use. Instead, grab a pair of scissors or nail clippers!
  • Tooth grinding: Not all tooth grinding should be considered a “habit.” Most individuals may not want to grind their teeth, but that doesn’t mean it won’t harm your dental health. This is why keeping excellent oral health necessitates routine dental examinations. There are additional ways to detect bruxism outside eyesight, which your dentist may frequently use to spot grinding tendencies.

Learning How to Curb Bad Habits With Danforth Dental Solutions.

Therefore, remember to arrange for your next checkup! Call Danforth Dental Solutions at (416) 461-6516 if you have any more inquiries.

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