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General Dentistry

General dentistry pertains to the prevention, identification, evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of disorders or conditions that affect your teeth, gums, and the surrounding structures. The majority of general dentistry aims to be preventative and includes dental exams, dental x rays, professional teeth cleanings, and other preventative treatments like dental sealants or fluoride treatments. In cases where prevention can no longer be beneficial, then general dentistry takes on a restorative role to treat the issue at hand and restore your teeth to their former, healthy state. Because general dentists do not practice within one area of speciality, they have a vast expanse of dental knowledge and can perform many different dental procedures.

General Dentistry

Did You Know?

Even if you are not having any symptoms, you may still have a dental disorder. Many dental disorders do not produce symptoms until they are in the advanced stages. This is why regular dental checkups are so important because they increase the chances of your dentist identifying and treating the problem before it gets worse.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Am I a candidate for general dentistry?

Yes, everyone is a candidate for general dentistry because most of general dentistry works to prevent the occurrence and progression of dental disorders. No matter your age or current dental health, preventative measures can always be used with general dentistry to keep your teeth healthy. You may also be a candidate for general dental services if you have dental concerns such as toothaches, gum disease, or damaged teeth. To find out what general dental services can do for you, schedule a consultation with Dr. Claudia Wood of Danforth Dental Solutions today!

How often should I visit Danforth Dental Solutions?

To get the most benefits from general dentistry, it is recommended by the American Dental Association to visit Danforth Dental Solutions at least once every six months for your dental checkup and professional teeth cleaning. This will prevent the accumulation of excess plaque and tartar, and will ensure that most dental disorders are identified early on before they have a chance to escalate.

What types of general dental services does Danforth Dental Solutions offer?

Danforth Dental Solutions offers a wide range of general dental services for our patients. These general dental services can be further broken down into preventative services, restorative services, and cosmetic dental services.

Woman having a dental exam

Preventative Services:

    • Dental exams
    • Oral Cancer Screenings
    • Dental x-rays
    • Professional Teeth Cleaning
    • Dental Sealants
    • Fluoride Treatment
    • Mouth Guards

Restorative Services:

    • Dental fillings
    • Crowns & bridges
    • Dental implant
    • Inlays & Onlays
    • Dental bonding
    • Dentures
    • Root Canals

Cosmetic Services:

    • Composite Fillings
    • Dental Crowns & Bridges
    • Dental Implants
    • Teeth Whitening
    • Veneers

How can I prepare for my dental appointment at Danforth Dental Solutions?

If you are a new patient, you will want to plan to arrive at Danforth Dental Solutions about 10-15 minutes before your appointment to fill out the necessary paperwork. You may also want to look up directions and plan your route ahead of time to ensure you will not be flustered when you arrive.

Additionally, it is helpful for both new and returning patients to make a list of questions or concerns that you would like to share with Dr. Wood at your appointment. Some examples of possible questions to ask can include:

    • What toothpaste should I be using?
    • Am I using proper brushing & flossing technique?
    • Do I need mouthwash?
    • How can I improve my dental health?
  • Why do my gums bleed when I floss?

What can I expect when having general dental services at Danforth Dental Solutions?

As mentioned before, the majority of general dental services are preventative. For this reason, when coming into Danforth Dental Solutions for general dental services, you can expect to have a dental exam, dental x-rays, and professional teeth cleaning.

Dental tool touching tooth with dental mirror

Your general dental appointment will likely begin with dental x-rays. Dental x-rays are an important diagnostic tool that provides information about your jaw bones, bite alignment, the presence of possible wisdom teeth, and any possible cavities that are not immediately visible. During your dental x-rays, you will be given a plastic piece to bite down on, and several different angles will likely be taken. Although dental x-rays do emit radiation, this amount is so low that they are considered safe for both children and adults.

During your dental exam, Dr. Claudia Wood will evaluate your teeth, bite, and gums. She will use special tools to test your teeth for sensitivity or possible decay. She will also measure your gum pockets and look for signs of gum disease and recession. Your bite will also be evaluated in terms of alignment and function. After your dental exam is over, Dr. Wood will discuss her findings from the dental exam and x-rays, and answer any questions you may have.

Following your dental exam, you will have a professional teeth cleaning. Your professional teeth cleaning will begin with the removal of plaque and tartar from the surface of your teeth. Using a special tool, called a scaler, Dr. Wood will carefully scrape away any buildup on your teeth. Then, she will brush on a gritty mixture to remove any remaining debris. Once this mixture is rinsed, your teeth will be professionally flossed and then a fluoride polish will be brushed onto the surface of your teeth.

If Dr. Wood found a need for restorative treatment, you may also have a restorative procedure done at this same appointment, or it may be scheduled for another time. Before any treatment is carried out, it will be thoroughly explained to you so that you are well informed.

What can I expect after having general dental care?

Depending on the type of services you had, you may be given special instructions to follow after your treatment. If this is the case, it is very important to follow all these directions in order to obtain the best results. In addition to any special instructions, you will also want to maintain a good oral hygiene routine. This should consist of brushing twice daily for two minutes with a fluoridated toothpaste, as well as flossing once daily.

How much is general dental care?

The cost of general dental care depends on whether your treatment is preventative, restorative, or cosmetic. Preventative dental treatment is the most affordable type of general dental treatment and is generally covered by most dental insurance companies. Restorative treatment can be more expensive than preventative care, and the total cost will depend on the type and extent of treatment. Generally, dental insurance companies will offer partial coverage for restorative treatments. Cosmetic dental treatments have a range of costs depending on the type and extent of treatment as well. However, many dental insurance companies do not cover cosmetic dental treatments.

For dedicated and caring dental care, schedule a consultation with Dr. Claudia Wood of Danforth Dental Solutions. Danforth Dental Solutions is proud to serve Toronto and the surrounding areas.

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