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How Dental Anxiety Sufferers Benefit From Laser Dentistry

Dental anxiety is a problem faced by thousands of people all over the country. It’s no respecter of age or gender and can fade over time or worsen. For some sufferers, the experience is simply a state of heightened nervousness. For others, it can be a paralyzing condition that can induce severe panic at the mere mention of the dentist. One specific trigger reported by those who experience dental anxiety is the high-pitched whine of the rotary drill. This is one part of the dental experience that hasn’t been able to be avoided in the past. Even if you weren’t the one being worked on, that sound would saturate every corner of the clinic. Laser dentistry has arrived to change all that.

How Dental Anxiety Sufferers Benefit From Laser Dentistry

Lasers have been seeing an increasing degree of use in the medical industry over the past few decades. For many years laser dentistry has been limited to stimulating the effectiveness of cosmetic treatments. With the laser dental drill development, a whole new era has come to dental practices. One immediate benefit of these drills is their near-silent operation. No one has ever been caught saying how much they love the sound of the rotary drill. While those who work in the office may be largely indifferent due to exposure, patients rarely were. Laser dental drills bring with them a great number of benefits and the elimination of the whine of rotary drills. Some examples include:

  • Precision Dentistry – Laser dental drills are extremely precise and can be used to eliminate tissue within very small tolerances. This enables them to target only diseased or necrotic tissue, leaving healthy tissue untouched.
  • Fast Recovery Times – These drills don’t just destroy the targeted tissue; they also cauterize the wound immediately. This means that the wound starts healing right away without the need for stitches. This, in turn, shortens recovery times.
  • Reduced Discomfort – Due to the elimination of the vibration from the rotary drill and the immediate cauterization of the target zone, there’s less pain with laser dentistry. This means less need for an anesthetic.
  • Quicker Procedures – There are a lot of factors that go into how laser dental drills reduce procedure times. One that greatly reduces the time spent in procedures is there being no need for stitches. Since no anesthetic is generally required in laser dentistry procedures, there’s no recovery time needed. Patients can get up and head out the door and back to their day.

These four factors make the entire dental experience more pleasant. Even when the drill is involved, eliminating the whine, reducing discomfort, and less time in the chair is an overall improvement. Many patients even report that the soft pulsing sound the laser drill makes when in operation is soothing and eases anxiety.

Speak With Your Dental Provider About Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry is becoming more available every day. Reach out to your current dental provider and ask them if laser dentistry is used in their practice. They’ll consult you on any existing oral health conditions and how laser dentistry can play a role in treating them.

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